About the Women's Issue

The Women’s Issue is a special fifth issue of the Harvard Advocate. The Women’s Issue was conceived with the goal of being a literary and artistic platform to explore the stereotypical narrative of what it means to be a “woman” and the actuality. The issue primarily features writing and art from the Harvard undergraduate community as well as professional contributors. The Women’s Issue is published under the guidance of faculty advisor Laura van den Berg and with the generous support from Advocate alumni, Harvard’s Office for the Arts, and Harvard’s Women’s Center.

An Interview with the Editors — Read the full transcript here

Editorial Board

Sabrina Li '20, Editor
Owen Ojo '19, Managing Editor
Laura van den Berg, Faculty Advisor
Nicole Araya '20, Art Editor
Emma Stone '19, Design Editor
Cassandra Luca '21, Fiction Editor
Eva Rosenfeld '21, Personal Essay Editor
Sophia Mautz '21, Poetry Editor
Marie Konopacki '21, Technology Editor


Nicole Araya '20
Carlos Agredano '20
Sinead Danagher '21
Hannah Barbash-Taylor '21
Georgia Messinger '22


Emma Stone '19
Priya Amin '19
Tiffani Driscoll '19
Eleanor Grueskin '22
Jenny Huang '20
Rachel Janfaza '20
Caitlin Jones '21
Te Palandijan '21
Jeanine Zheng '20


Cassandra Luca '21
Zoe Almeida '20
Madeleine Joung '20
Grace Li '19
Siqi Liu '19
Alyssa Resar '19

Personal Essay

Eva Rosenfeld '21
Alyssa Britton '21
Caroline Tsai '20
Josette Abugov '22
Elyse Pham '22
Liana Henderson-Semel '19
Jessenia Class '20
LG Fadiman '21
Diana Meyers '21
Una Corbett '20
Christie Jackson '20


Sophia Mautz '21
Marta Lasota '20
Carl Denton '19
Norah Storniolo '21
Najya Williams '20
Nataliya Palinchak '20